Tooth-Friendly Tricks for Making Halloween A Fun and (Cavity-Free) Treat

Tooth-Friendly Tricks for Making Halloween A Fun and (Cavity-Free) Treat

Halloween may look a little different this year, but one thing is for sure: Kids will be digging into their share of sugary snacks come October 31st.

Chewy sweets, like caramels and taffy, are holiday favourites but they’re also stubbornly sticky and are known to get lodged in between teeth. Meanwhile, hard candies (think: lollipops and ring pops) allow sugar to linger in the mouth which can cause enamel erosion. In extreme cases, hard candies can also lead to chipped or broken teeth. Yikes!

So, how can kids enjoy Halloween without the spooky side-effects of sugary snacks?

Here are a few of our tricks for ensuring healthy and happy smiles this year:

1. STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK! This should go without saying but we’re going to repeat it anyway. Stay home if you’re sick! If you are feeling well and are planning to head out, keep your group size to a minimum, practice social distancing and sanitize your hands before eating any sweets.

2. CHECKING TREATS: As difficult as it may be, encourage your child to save their treats and not to eat any before they get home. It is important to check the ingredients for any allergies your child may have as well as for safety. 

3. BRUSH, FLOSS & RINSE: Next to costumes, candy is half the fun of Halloween and we definitely don’t want to spoil the fun! Brushing and flossing after snacking is definitely a good idea while rinsing with water can help wash away any lingering sugars and acids hanging out in your mouth. 

4. NOT ALL CANDY IS CREATED EQUAL: Sticky candies that get lodged between the teeth and hard candies that can chip or break your pearly whites are not a dentist’s favourite friends. Try and limit your intake of these sweets for a happier Halloween!

5. FAMILY FUN! Halloween is about more than just candy. This is a great time to enjoy being together as a family.

Wishing you a spook-free smile this Halloween!

The SimplyFloss Team