Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SimplyFloss for?

SimplyFloss is reusable dental floss that can be used by everyone – adults, seniors, persons with dexterity issues and people who find flossing difficult. It can be used as an alternate to conventional floss. Children can also use SimplyFloss. We reccomend adult supervision for children under 8 yrs.

How does SimplyFloss work?

SimplyFloss helps to loosen and remove food debris and biofilm from between your teeth. The floss helps to massage gums and get hard to reach food debris that maybe stuck.

How do I use SimplyFloss?

SimplyFloss uses the same mechanical motion as conventional floss, but its simpler. Instead of winding floss around your fingers, simply put your fingers through the circle on either end of the floss. Clamp down with both your forefingers and thumbs and stretch floss to fit comfortably between the teeth moving up and down the wall of the tooth.

How long will SimplyFloss last?

SimplyFloss can be reused over again until it gently tears apart which will depend on how often it's used. ⚠️ If pulled too tight/ overstretched, SimplyFloss can break prematurely.

What is SimplyFloss made of?

100% medical grade silicone

Where can I buy SimplyFloss?

SimplyFloss can be currently bought online, through the SimplyFloss website.

Who can buy SimplyFloss?

SimplyFloss is sold worldwide and can be shipped international.

Does SimplyFloss shred?

Unlike some traditional dental floss, SimplyFloss does not shred due to its stretchy silicone material

How do you clean SimplyFloss between uses?

SimplyFloss can be rinsed under warm water before and after each use.

What should I do with my floss after it breaks?

SimplyFloss is made of 100% medical grade silicone, which is recyclable. Be sure to call the city you live in to find out where to drop off your used floss so it can be correctly recycled. We have also partnered with offices that use the TerraCycle Program. Tip: After the floss breaks, cut up the loops to keep your pets and other animals safe.