Want to Stock SimplyFloss?

Struggling to encourage your patients to floss?

Keep hearing the same old excuses about why flossing is too haaaaaard?

Why not stock SimplyFloss in your Dental Office and provide a fun and easy floss alternative that your patients will actually WANT to use?

As Dental Professionals, we know how important it is to floss. But as soon as you try to have the โ€œfloss-talkโ€ youโ€™ll see your patients roll their eyes and say โ€œyeah, yeah I knowโ€.ย 

What better way to start the conversation than with a unique product theyโ€™ve never seen before - SimplyFloss.

Get them curiousโ€ฆ
Get them wanting to try itโ€ฆ

And ultimatelyโ€ฆ get MORE people flossing.

Plus, with access to wholesale pricing, youโ€™ll be able to stock the SimplyFloss and SimplyBrush range in your office as a fantastic Retail add-on.ย 

Want some free samples for your office to try? Simplyย email: hello@simplyfloss.com