About Us


Our Story: Bridging the Gap in Dental Health

Frustrated by the limitations of traditional string floss, our founders were driven to create a solution that catered to all - regardless of age or dexterity. The result? SimplyFloss - a company that embodies innovation, inclusivity, and ingenuity.

Innovative Design for Maximum Comfort

Crafted from 100% silicone, SimplyFloss is gentle on the gums yet robust enough to tackle the toughest of food traps and tight spaces. Its unique design ensures a pain-free, effective cleaning experience every time.

Sustainability at Our Core

We believe in responsible oral care. That's why SimplyFloss is not only reusable but also recyclable, aligning with our commitment to reduce environmental impact. We're proud to offer a product that not only benefits your dental health but also respects the planet.

For Everyone, Everywhere

Our mission is simple: to provide a flossing solution that works for everyone. Whether you're a child learning the ropes of dental care, an adult seeking a better flossing experience, or someone with special flossing needs, SimplyFloss is here to transform your routine.

Join Us on Our Journey

As we continue to innovate and grow, we invite you to be a part of our story. With SimplyFloss, floss smarter, not harder, and embrace a new era in oral health. Welcome to the SimplyFloss family!