Introducing SimplyFloss

Don’t you hate it when you’re on a date, or about to deliver an important work presentation but all you can think about is that scrap of chicken wedged in between your teeth? You need to get it out. But, honestly who carries floss around with them?

Try SimplyFloss, the STRING-FREE ALTERNATIVE to regular floss that’s SHRED-RESISTANT and CONVENIENT. Keep one in your desk, your purse and even your car. Never be caught with food in your teeth again.


    Before flossing, make sure to rinse floss under warm water.

  • LOOP

    Place a middle finger through
    each loop.


    Pinch floss leaving approx 1 cm between both hands and pull taut.


    Slide the floss comfortably between your teeth and begin flossing.


    After flossing, make sure to rinse floss under warm water.


    Use the suction cup or mirrored case to store your floss until next time!


Made from 100% silicone for a soft and gentle flossing experience.


Ideal for on-the-go. Always be ready to discreetly handle any flossing emergency.


No more strangling your fingers. Our finger loops make it easy to hold the floss.


Dental professionals highly recommend Simply Floss to their patients.


With our simple design, no one will know it’s actually floss. Even your kids will want to floss now.


Regular floss goes into the trash after just one use. Reuse our floss multiple times.

Use SimplyFloss with our unique SimplyBrush to give you that ‘just-left-the-dentist’ feeling…minus the awkward small talk!

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Which Floss is Best for You?

Got a nasty food trap that catches everything?

Toss the toothpicks and reach for SimplyFloss Rescue Me instead. This floss is made wider, so it can easily get into those annoying and pesky food traps.

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Dealing with bleeding and swollen gums?

SimplyFloss OG Massage is the right floss for you. The unique ridges on this floss help massage and soothe irritated gums. Try a little toothpaste or mouth rinse on the floss for a deeper clean.

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Tired of floss shredding between your teeth?

SimplyFloss OG is shred resistant. Our soft silicone floss helps to remove plaque easily between teeth without getting stuck. It will gently tear apart when it needs to be replaced.

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Struggling to get your kids to floss?

SimplyFloss Mini are a fun way to introduce flossing to your kids. Colourful, stretchy and perfect for little hands to hold. Turn your bedtime battles into an easy, family activity.

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I love this type of floss, it’s easy to use and it’s greener for the planet too! Win Win!

Anna P. UK

As a photographer, I travel very often. The SimplyFloss travel pack is a great size, and is perfect for me to take with on my excursions!

Scott H, Toronto

My 11 year old son just started using this floss and liked it. He’s actually willing to floss every day,
which is a small miracle.

Joanne B, Chicago
  • How can something that feels so good, clean so well?

    Our innovative nano silicone bristles feel so soft and gentle to the touch but will give you your deepest clean ever, without harsh scrubbing. 

    Say goodbye to regular nylon bristles that start bending out of shape from their first use and feel the long-lasting difference with SimplyBrush. 

    Plus, with our replaceable head technology, 90% of your brush gets reused and stays OUT of landfill. 

  • Give your kids the best start to brushing

    It’s time to take the battle out of your brushing routine. Designed for little mouths - aged 0-6 - our soft and gentle silicone bristles are perfect for developing teeth and gums. 

    With a silicone grip that doesn’t slip, this brush will give your kids the soft feeling they’ll love, with the deep clean YOU want!

    Kid friendly - Dentist approved!

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Designed by a Dental Hygienist

Following in the footsteps of her Dentist Grandfather and Orthodontist Father, the importance of regular flossing was drilled (haha get it?) into Tammy Sofer’s DNA.

But the biggest complaint Tammy would hear from her patients during her 25 years practicing as a Dental Hygienist, was how much they HATED to floss. They’d tell her it was too hard, it hurts, or they never had floss lying around when they needed it. 

So instead of continuing to nag her patients to do something they didn’t enjoy, she decided to come up with a solution that would encourage people to turn their “occasional floss” into a simple and easy daily flossing habit. 

Enter her first innovation… SimplyFloss.

And now with the latest addition to our range - SimplyBrush - you’ll get that Dentist fresh clean feeling every single day. 

Evolve from the ordinary with SimplyFloss & SimplyBrush

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