Benefits of Flossing & How to Get Started with It

Benefits of Flossing & How to Get Started with It

Ever wondered how a small string could make a big difference in your smile? Yes floss is what we are talking about!

Oral health is often neglected, and flossing is one area people pay the least attention to. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of flossing every day and how to form a habit of flossing to maximize its benefits.

Advantages of Flossing Daily
1. Removes Plaque
Dental Plaque is cosmetically unappealing bacterial layer forms between teeth when sugary or starchy food particles combine with saliva in the mouth and break down into carbohydrates. Failure to get rid of plaque can cause the bacteria in it to produce acids that can harm tooth enamel. Flossing can help you minimize the risk of developing plaque in your teeth, as it can remove food particles stuck even in the farthest corners of your mouth.
2. Lowers Cavity Risk
As discussed above, plaque can increase your chances of developing tooth decay, resulting in a cavity. Cavities cause small openings in your tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to gum diseases and infections.
With regular flossing, you can eliminate the accumulation of food particles in your teeth, lowering the risk of gum line cavities.
3. Prevents Gum Disease
Gingivitis in the onset of gum diseases. Among the primary indicators of gingivitis is inflammation surrounding the gum area. Additionally, your gums might bleed during brushing or flossing. Failure to address gingivitis could progress to a more severe condition called periodontitis. This may result in gum recession or detachment from the teeth, along with potential loss of bone support and tooth looseness. Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily can eliminate the risk of gum disease. Regular dental cleanings by a professional dentist can also contribute to gum health maintenance.
4. Eliminates Bad Breath
Bad breath is one of the most common dental concerns the majority of people face. If not removed properly, food particles stuck between teeth slowly start decaying, which can cause bad breath. Flossing every day can prevent bad breath, as it helps remove plaque and stuck food particles between teeth.

How to Make Flossing a Daily Habit
Now that you know the benefits of flossing, it’s time to form a habit. But how is that possible? Here are a few easy steps to get into flossing every day:
1. Develop a Trigger
To make flossing a daily habit, you need a trigger that can help you discipline yourself. You can take brushing as a trigger in this scene. For instance, brushing is the first step one does after waking up and before doing anything. So, instead of brushing first, you can floss and brush afterward until flossing has become your daily morning routine.
2. Store Floss Where You Can See It
If you are not accommodated with the idea of flossing daily, chances are you might forget it exists without having a visual reminder every day. So, it’s ideal to keep your floss where you can see it. A note on your bathroom shelf or mirror can also help you remember flossing.
3. Start with Flossing One Tooth
Initially, you might find flossing difficult, which can be a huge reason why you give up on the idea of flossing daily. So, begin with just one tooth at a time. This way, you won’t ditch flossing just because it’s “too hard.” Begin with one tooth, then two, then three, and this way, you can form a habit.
4. Set a Reminder
It’s easy to skip flossing if you keep forgetting the task. One simple way to get into the habit is to set a reminder on your phone or add a task to your to-do list.

Make Flossing Fun
When you make a task sound and look scary, you dread performing it. The same goes with flossing. Many individuals are easily intimidated by the process, and that is a common problem. One way to eliminate it is to blend it with other activities you love. If you love listening to music, play your favorite song when flossing. This will encourage you to floss daily and reap its benefits.

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