• Reusable Floss On-The-Go


Reusable Floss On-The-Go


Most of us believe that flossing is difficult and we come up with creative excuses why we don't floss. We have a solution... SimplyFloss. The reusable, easy to use dental floss putting hassle-free hygiene at your fingertips--literally!

Use multiple times and it will safely tear apart when it's time to be replaced.

How to use

We strive to promote a more eco-friendly future one mouth at a time.


I have rave reviews over this new product! I’m not an avid flosser and this has pushed me to do it more often. The added bonus are the little massaging beads that stimulate the gums as well. I kill two birds with one stone! Try it!

Nancy - Thonrhill

My gums used to bleed everytime I brushed my teeth or went for a cleaning. That all changed, once I found Simply Floss. My gums are now a million times better....even my dentist noticed.

Stacey - Toronto

My 11 year old son just started using this floss and liked it. He’s actually willing to floss every day, which is a small miracle, and loves how easy it is to use and thought the colours were cool. 

Joanne - Chicago

As a photographer, I travel very often. The SimplyFloss travel pack is a great size, and is perfect for me to take with on my excursions!

Scott - Toronto

Having perio issues, I see my dental hygienist every 3 months. After flossing with SimplyFloss, I feel like I've accomplished something, and I am flossing more often. I like the clean, 'just left the dentist's office' feeling I get. It also never shreds. 

Sonja - Vancouver