SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace
SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace
SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace
SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace
SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace
SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace
SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace

SimplyBrush - Soft Bristle Heads That Are Easy To Replace

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 Nano TPU bristles for a gentler and deeper clean
✓ Brush heads you swap out every 3-4 months
✓ Use backside of brush as tongue cleaner

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 Toothbrush + 2 Replaceable Heads + 2 Travel Cases for Head


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Love it 🥰

Great hand grip and soft bristles that leaves you with the most clean feeling… highly recommend it 👍🏽

Noreen Ocampo RDH


I love the new SimplyBrush. Really well priced, very low-waste and it feels sooooooo good on the gums. Like a mouth massage! Amazing toothbrush.

Sam Hundle


Not only does this bush feel amazing but the silicone bristles have kept their shape perfectly.

Mel Kitto


I've been using the silicone brush with my 15 month old and so far experience has been great. He is much more interested in keeping it in his mouth then he was with prior brushes so I can only assume it feels good on his gums. 

Phamily Orthodontics


I got a SimplyBrush because my normal dentist given toothbrush usually frays within a few months of use. The bristles on this brush are soft, gentle and tough at the same time. I found that this toothbrush is particularly good at getting into the grooves and removing any food gunk from your last meal. Overall great product. I just can’t wait until dentists are giving these out for free instead!

Ethan Giller


SimplyBrush Nano TPU is an innovative toothbrush bristle material made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) infused with nano-particles. It offers superior cleaning and enhanced oral care compared to traditional toothbrush bristles.

Regular toothbrush bristles are typically made from nylon, while SimplyBrush Nano TPU utilizes TPU with nano-particles. This combination provides enhanced flexibility, durability, and increased antimicrobial properties, ensuring a more effective and hygienic brushing experience.

It is recommended to replace your SimplyBrush Nano TPU heads every 3-4 months, or earlier if you notice signs of wear and tear. Regular replacement ensures optimal cleaning efficiency.

  • Enhanced cleaning: The nano-particles aid in removing plaque and debris more efficiently, promoting better oral health.
  • Long-lasting: The TPU material is durable and maintains its shape for an extended period, making the toothbrush last longer.
  • Gentle on gums: The flexibility of TPU reduces the risk of gum irritation and damage to enamel, promoting a gentle yet thorough cleaning process.

Absolutely! Its soft bristles are perfect for individuals with sensitive teeth or gums, providing a gentle yet effective brushing experience.

Absolutely! SimplyBrush offers two convenient cases: a breathable case that covers the entire toothbrush, and a custom-designed case that covers just the brush head. These options make it the perfect travel companion, ideal for your oral care routine, even when space is limited.

The discoloration of the bristles may occur due to various factors, such as staining from pigmented food and drinks, tobacco use, inadequate cleaning, and natural wear from regular use. To minimize bristle discoloration, rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after each use and store it in an upright position to allow proper drying. Make sure to replace your toothbrush head regularly for optimal care.

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