Winter Tips for a Healthier Mouth

Winter Tips for a Healthier Mouth

It’s no secret that cold and dry winters can wreak havoc on our skin but did you know that sub-zero temperatures can affect our oral health too?

Here are a few things you can do to keep your mouths healthy over the next few months: 

Sensitive Teeth: Do you feel a pang of sensitivity each time you take a breath outside during the winter months? If so, you’re not alone. Breathing in cold air can lead to tooth sensitivity as can sipping on hot wintry beverages. To relieve or prevent such discomfort, brush with a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth and avoid acidic foods and piping hot beverages whenever possible. See your dentist if the problem persists or gets worse.

Chapped & Cracked Lips: The thin skin on our lips is particularly susceptible to dry winter air and that won’t change even in this mask-wearing era. Soothe chapped lips by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly and avoid licking them at all costs. Drinking water more frequently can also help to keep lips hydrated.

Cold Sores: Winter seems to put the “cold” in cold sores and there are a few reasons to explain why. Cold sores can be triggered by sickness, stress and fatigue as well as cold and dry air. Knowing this, it’s important to keep your immune system healthy and lips hydrated to help prevent cold sores from arising.

Paying attention to our oral hygiene is important throughout the year but particularly during the cold and dry days of winter.

- The SimplyFloss Team


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