About Us



As a dental hygienist with over 20 years experience and a regular at dental industry conferences, I know that encouraging flossing is the most effective route to strong gums and a healthy smile.

In January 2011, I volunteered with Kindness in Action as a dental hygienist working in a small village in Guatemala.  Our dental group set up a basic dental clinic to help school-aged children by providing them with a dental checkup and oral hygiene instruction. I will forever remember how so many of their extreme dental issues could have been avoided with simple flossing. For the next few years, the notion of a simple solution to encourage flossing remained on my mind.

When I first discovered SimplyFloss, I was excited and spent lots of time researching the product. I am now a very strong believer in how well SimplyFloss can help people make their dental hygiene routine simpler and more effective. Invariably this will result in stronger gums and healthier smiles.  

I believe that SimplyFloss will improve smiles everywhere.

Chief Flossing Officer