Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss
Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss
Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss
Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss
Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss
Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss

Mini Sampler - Easy For Kids Learning To Floss

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Reusable floss for kids, gentle, fun and colorful
Easy grip design for little hands

100% silicone and reusable


    1 Sampler Pack = 8 Mini Multi-Colored Floss + 1 Suction Cup



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        Shred-resistant 100% silicone for
        hassle-free and easy flossing.



        Reusable floss that minimizes
        waste, unlike single-use alternatives.

        Ideal for on-the-go

        Ideal for on-the-go

        A cool-looking alternative that
        doesn't resemble traditional floss.



        Dental professionals highly
        recommend to their patients

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        Our Customers Say



        I have been using simply floss and recommending to my patients for over a year now. The response I’ve gotten is very positive. It’s easy to use, sustainable and comes in fun colours. The colour and material allow you to see the debris
        you are removing.

        Rebecca Pearson RDH


        If you haven’t tried Simply Floss you are missing out! Reusable, recyclable silicone dental floss in a variety of thicknesses and colors for the whole family. Simply insert your fingers into the rings instead of twirling it around makes flossing quite easy for any person to use. As a dental hygienist who teacher patients to floss all day long this product is so easy to use.

        Happy Teeth Healthy Body


        I love keeping my teeth clean and simply floss is the easiest floss I've ever used. It is durable and really gets into those hard to reach places. I love how you can reuse them after rinsing so I feel better about not throwing as much away. My husband and kids 9 & 11 love it too! Great product for our family. We are hooked!!

        Jennifer Rosenberg


        I absolutely love SimplyFloss. I really enjoy brands that are eco friendly and the best thing about this foods is that it is reusable! It is easy to clean and carry with you in the carrying case. If you don’t like flossing because you think it makes your gums bleed now you have no excuse since simply floss is gentle on the gums! all around recommend!

        Sydney Fields
        United States


        Being a dentist that has tried simply floss , I found the product easy and comfortable to use, It was gentle on the gums but also removed the plaque between the teeth very well! Recommended 10/10😄

        Dr. Zeina Naous


        Give SimplyFloss a quick rinse in warm water, then put a middle finger through each loop, and pinch down on the silicone string leaving approx. 1 cm between both hands. Pull taut and begin flossing. After another quick rinse, it’ll be ready for next time. Check out this page for a demonstration.

        Regular floss can shred and get stuck between your teeth.. not to mention strangle your poor fingers. And it goes straight into the trash after every use. SimplyFloss is made from 100% silicone and can be used multiple times. Due to the stretchiness of the material, it’s much easier to get into tight spaces. SimplyFloss won’t shred and will gently tear apart when it’s ready to be replaced.

        No two teeth are alike… and no two users are alike either. How long SimplyFloss will last will depend on how often it's used and how tightly your teeth are packed. Due to the stretchiness of the silicone, SimplyFloss can be a bit of a learning curve. If you pull it too tight or overstretch it… or maybe if you’re a super enthusiastic and vigorous flosser ;-) SimplyFloss can break sooner than it should. Once you get the hang of it, you can expect SimplyFloss to last anywhere from 10-20 uses. 

        Regular floss goes straight into the trash after just one use and can take up to 80 years to break down in landfill. Not to mention how nasty string based products can be for our marine life. SimplyFloss can be used multiple times, so less waste is going into the trash, and can even be recycled through the Terracycle Program. We recommend cutting the loops before you dispose of SimplyFloss to help protect our furry friends. 

        SimplyFloss should not be used on braces, fixed retainers or bridges; however, you can use it on implants, crowns and invisalign with no problems.

        SimplyFloss should be rinsed under warm water, before and after each use. It can also be cleaned in an antibacterial alcohol-free mouth rinse. SimplyFloss can be stored in our custom mirrored case or hung on our handy suction cup until the next use. 

        *We don’t recommend using a sterilizer or dishwasher to clean the floss. use your toothbrush more than once right? ;) The good thing is that SimplyFloss is not like regular floss that gets all frayed and gunky. A simple rinse in warm water is all your need to keep your SimplyFloss clean and fresh.

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