Got a nasty food trap that catches everything?

Toss the toothpicks and reach for SimplyFloss Rescue Me instead. This floss is made wider, so it can easily get into those annoying and pesky food traps.

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Dealing with bleeding and swollen gums?

SimplyFloss OG Massage is the right floss for you. The unique ridges on this floss help massage and soothe irritated gums. Try a little toothpaste or mouth rinse on the floss for a deeper clean.

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Tired of floss shredding between your teeth?

SimplyFloss OG is shred resistant. Our soft silicone floss helps to remove plaque easily between teeth without getting stuck. It will gently tear apart when it needs to be replaced.

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Struggling to get your kids to floss?

SimplyFloss Mini are a fun way to introduce flossing to your kids. Colourful, stretchy and perfect for little hands to hold. Turn your bedtime battles into an easy, family activity.

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