Want to stock SimplyFloss?

    Struggling to encourage your patients to floss? Keep hearing the same old excuses about why flossing is too haaaaaard?

    Why not stock SimplyFloss in your Dental Office and provide a fun and easy floss alternative that your patients will actually WANT to use? 

    Our Preferred Partner Program was created with ONE main goal in mind - to get more people flossing.

    When you become a SimplyFloss Preferred Partner, you’ll be able to stock the newest and greatest hygiene products on the market to share with your patients, get access to wholesale pricing (the more you order, the more you save) PLUS your Dental Office will be listed on our website as a stockist. That way… when people in your area go looking for SimplyFloss, they’ll find YOU too!

    For more details, please email hello@simplyfloss.com or use the live chat below.




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